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Google Panda 2.5 – Hits Again, This Time Even Harder


Google Panda has hit us for the 7th time and every time it hits, it hits harder than before. This has been confirmed by Daniweb which has been hit the worse and has lost over half of its traffic since the update on 28th September 2011.

Apart from all the cleaning up done by Google Panda it affects a lot of websites which needs to take drastic steps to clean up the mess caused. A lot of companies are dependent on organic traffic produced through Google and when half the traffic goes, half the business goes. As you know 50% is a huge stake. There are companies which have laid off a lot of administrators as well as writers, editors, programmers to cope up with this loss. Some who have got a big hit have even closed down their businesses to start something afresh.

Lets take a look at when all the damage has happened in the past.

  • Google Panda 1.0 – Hit on 24th Feb 2011
  • Google Panda 2.0 – Hit on 11th April 2011
  • Google Panda 2.1 – Hit on 9th May 2011
  • Google Panda 2.2 – Hit on 18th June 2011
  • Google Panda 2.3 – Hit on 22nd July 2011
  • Google Panda 2.4 – Hit on August 2011
  • Google Panda 2.5 – Hit on 28th September 2011

Where recovery is the only option for most, some smart players have managed to keep their eggs in separate baskets; this has helped them retain their major chunk of traffic even after the update.