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Backlinks And Keywords – Importance of Keywords in Backlinks

backlinksWe all know that we need to put in links in order to get a better search results and ranking. Linking is one of the most important aspect of any online money making scheme to run. This is why we must understand the deep relation between links and keywords.

When we create a backlink on any site or forum or blog comment, we must use a keyword or keyword phrase to link. This helps in highlighting the keyword through a link, increase the weight of that keyword and also link it to your site using a keyword that is primary in its role. This is the reason a good keyword research is very important in case you are planning to built a link building strategy. This is the most basic plan that you need to map out before anything.

Remember, make a clear and precise keyword research plan and run it get the top targeted keywords and phrases for your business and use these keywords to build links. This is the best way and the only way to get faster and more accurate results.

Backlinks – Parameters To Look Out For

BacklinksGoogle always looks through a few parameters to get the exact credibility and the noteworthiness of your website. This is done by them by checking a lot of parameters. Take a look at the list below and strategize your Google optimization efforts accordingly. Below is a list of things that you should consider before you draw out a link building exercise.

  1. The site that links to your site
  2. The page Rank of the site that links to your site
  3. The SERP ranking of the site that links to your site
  4. The number of sites which link to your site
  5. Number of links to your site from individual domain and sub domains
  6. Total number of domains and sub domains which link to your site
  7. Keyword relevance in sites linking to your site
  8. Content relevance in sites linking to your site
  9. Ranking and PR of the source sites

Taking into account the above points will help you in designing a successful linking plan without being dependent on external elements like agencies or consultants. Below are a few dos and don’ts about this linking process.

  1. Linking from Forums, Blogs, Relevant Industry leaders helps a lot.
  2. Keyword linking helps in case of relevant keywords
  3. Always go for a Do follow link, No Follow links are of no use
  4. Do not do link exchange as it looks like it is deliberate. Google will get you out of the race.
  5. List your site on top directories and social media pages

Backlink Generator Tools – How Do They Work?

backlinksBacklink tools work like an army of linking employees who continuously work on building your backlinks and getting your Google and PR rank higher. Here are a few things which any backlink generator tool engages in order to get fast and accurate results.

  • Generating links from the top sites on the Internet
  • Submitting your URL to the top directories on the Internet
  • Making full use of Forums to get links redirected to your site by posting or signatures
  • Commenting on Top blogs and creating links in the comments
  • Article writing and using links within it
  • Submitting these articles to the top article submission sites.
  • Social Media Sharing, like Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Social Bookmarking

Any tool which uses these activities in an automated format is a goof Backlink Generator. Make sure you choose the right thing and the right tool.

Backlink Generators – Do They Really Work?

BacklinksBacklinks as we all know are simple links which direct to your website. These links are crucial as the only way for Google to know that your site is a site to take note of is by creating more and more quality backlinks.

Everyone knows that this is a tedious job and a lot of companies or businesses actually hire people only for the sake of link building. Therefore it is important that every company who wants to rise in search and ranking should take backlink generator software programs seriously. But the question is, do these backlink generators genuinely work?

Backlink Generators could be online or a program which can be downloaded and installed. Most of the online tools are good enough to give you a gist of how they work before you employ them completely. Backlink Generators are mainly software programs which help you create multiple backlinks for your site in an automated form.

Now how good the backlink generator service is depends on the quality of links that it generates and the quality of sites it uses from its database. Employing a Backlink Generator is like employing a huge team of people who are continually dedicated to creating backlinks all the time. Backlinks are a crucial element of marketing your product, therefore to stay at par with any other online business, employing a good backlink generator program is a must.

Backlinks – How To Get Backlinks Free And Fast


It is a fact that more than 95% of your SEO efforts depend upon how you build your backlinks and how many you manage to build them apart from their quality. It is also a fact that the keywords which you link through get you in your niche and get you ranked higher on Google. There are several ways to get backlinks and several ways to get them free. Below are three top examples for you to choose from. These examples are one of the top backlink generators in the world and have been helping SEO professionals and businesses for years. Let us take a look at each one.

Backlink Watch – Backlink Watch has been around for some time and has been used by several professionals. Although it claims to be free it is not. You need to shell out a minimum of 12 dollars in order to try it out. The rates go from a thousand links for ten dollars or about 45 high pr backlinks for $250. It is probably efficient but very expensive.

Yahoo Site Explorer – This is a good tool which lets you take a look at Yahoo search criterion and SERPs. This is a manual portal and pretty time consuming. It lets you view details of pages topped on Yahoo search and also go through its site maps and the links that are thrown from it and to it. This lets you build your strategy in a similar fashion.

WebComp Analyst – This product is a click bank product and you know how much you need to trust click bank links. Although it claims to be one of the best and all that, you must decide for your own self by looking at the kind of offers it presents. Also it is pretty difficult to trust click bank money back guarantees.

Backlink Generator – This is one of the best and most widely used backlink tools. The best part about it is that it is free and an online portal which you need not download. Backlink Generator offers 325 permanent backlinks for free at the click of a mouse. This is a better bet than any others in the market.

Backlinks – Explained


Some people call is Google backlinks and some just backlinks. The fact is that Backlinks are always Google and they can be referred to as only backlinks. Backlinks are the ultimate formula for Google ranking. Let’s take a look at some details.

Backlinks are links which are pointing to your landing page. These Backlinks have major weight where Google ranking is considered. The higher the quality or PR of the backlink, the better is the result. But only random linking does not work. Backlinks have to be linked through keywords which you want to top in. For example if you want to rank higher in the keyword Band Merchandise, you will need to build great quality backlinks by linking through the phrase or keyword Band Merchandise.

The process to Get Backlinks is not a tedious one but needs to be done smartly. There are programs which offer you Free Backlinks and are highly used by people to get quality backlinks for their site. Remember that keywords targeting is an important part of backlinks as it defines the niche which you are trying to master. Now you don’t need to do manual work. As I said before there are several automated program which will get you paid backlinks and there are also programs and online portals which will help you get backlinks for free and too hundreds of them. Look out for such programs and make sure you prioritize your backlinks activities.

Advance Link Wheel Strategies – Simple And Precise

What is a Link Wheel?

Link Building is an important aspect to any SEO campaign. Within that Link Wheel is another vital activity. A link wheel is a process in which you submit links to your site from top 5 ranking websites, generally bookmarking or content sharing or content submission sites. These links are generally submitted through a post which point to your site. The better ranking the host sites have the more it is possible for you to increase your site ranking. But the wheel doesn’t end there. All web 2.0 sites have to or are generally linked you your site in the middle and eventually linked back to some other high ranking 2.0 site. This is how the wheel is complete.


Why is the called so?

Link Wheel is called a Link Wheel because when this activity is drawn on paper it looks like a bicycle wheel. It starts as a circle which gives you 5 web 2.0 sites and then they point to your central page.


Advanced Link Wheel Strategy

We all know how backlinks work. They are simply links pointing to our site and the better the host site ranking, the more success we can expect. But since the launch of web 2.0 sites like hubpages, squidoo etc have been the main hosts for Link Wheel Strategies, especially Advanced Link Wheel Strategies. Advanced Link Wheel Strategies include linking to your site through these web 2.0 websites and possible linking back to them. Sometimes you will see a significant rise in the ranking without much efforts.