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Backlink Indexing – How To Do IT The Right Way?

Backlink indexingBacklink Indexing is not rocket science, but at the same time is not easy either. It is not about what you do to get your backlinks indexed, but how you do it is important! We have heard this and even seen this a hundred times where someone spends lengthy hours or even days to collate back link but they never get indexed or very few get indexed. This can be frustrating as your time and efforts will be wasted for nothing. In order to stay away from ending up like this you must draw a good plan to execute and succeed in indexing maximum backlinks and getting your ranking higher. Before we take a look at any of the backlink indexing tips we must look at some facts about backlinking and backlink indexing. Take a look.

Some Fact –

1.       Most beginners succeed only 20%-30% of their times in indexing backlinks. That means only 2-3 links get indexed out of 10. This is when it is done without any expert tools.

2.       The higher the rank of the webpage on which you have placed your link, the higher are the chances of your link getting indexed.

3.       Profuse generation of backlinks is not the answer to get higher indexing. It is about being in the right spots.

Now that you know the misconceptions about backlinks and indexing you must be sure to draw out a good strategy to list your page up in ranking. Below we have made note of some great working tips and tactics for backlink indexing.  The best thing to do is follow these fool proof steps and get success for less efforts and in little time.

  • Place links on sites which already have good ranking. The better the ranking of these sites, the better are your chances of getting a properly indexed backlink.
  • Engage in sites like top social bookmarking sites and top article and post sharing sites, for example – Digg, Mashable, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • Create and publish numerous articles
  • Create and maintain your blog on WordPress. This is best and the most search compatible platform on the Internet.
  • Ping your site.
  • Create RSS feeds on your blog or webpage and send out the feeds to RSS directories. Remember, RSS directories and aggregators get a lot of attention from search engines, especially Google.
  • Increase backlinks gradually and not at one go. This is the way Google likes it.
  • There is one tried and tested tip which has worked for a lot of smart SEO professionals, the tip is something like this. Find out your closest competitors who have successfully created huge no. Backlinks. Follow the same case study and fill up the gaps once you discover them as you go.
  • One more way to go is engaging a backlink indexing service or backlink builders like Backlink Generator.

If you follow the above steps and make sure you run these activities in regular intervals, you will definitely increase your backlinks by at least 100-200%. Although these are not the only steps to getting backlinks indexed, it is best to follow this manual approach, so as to keep a vigilant watch on your Backlinks Strategy.