Do Follow & No Follow Links Explained

BacklinksWhat is a No Follow Link?

Google has worked out a tag which works a tool. This tag is called a No Follow tag marked to links which are considered spam.  This tag directs the spider while crawling. These Backlinks have no significance or consequences to Google Ranking or any similar benefit.

What is a Do Follow Link?

Any link which does not hold the No Follow Tag is a Do Follow Links. This are links passed by Google and which hold an eligibility to Google Ranking.

How do you know if a link is Do or No Follow?

There are plug-ins available which highlight a tag if any. Firefox also has a feature. Most websites /blogs have an option to be Do or No follow.

Does that mean No Follow Links are of no use?

While No Follow links are just links which are not registered by Google, they are not actually abandoned by SEO professionals. It is wise to keep a minimal percentage of No Follow Backlinks as a thumb rule according to some experts. But Do Follow is what you should look at.

Backlinks – How To Get Backlinks Free And Fast


It is a fact that more than 95% of your SEO efforts depend upon how you build your backlinks and how many you manage to build them apart from their quality. It is also a fact that the keywords which you link through get you in your niche and get you ranked higher on Google. There are several ways to get backlinks and several ways to get them free. Below are three top examples for you to choose from. These examples are one of the top backlink generators in the world and have been helping SEO professionals and businesses for years. Let us take a look at each one.

Backlink Watch – Backlink Watch has been around for some time and has been used by several professionals. Although it claims to be free it is not. You need to shell out a minimum of 12 dollars in order to try it out. The rates go from a thousand links for ten dollars or about 45 high pr backlinks for $250. It is probably efficient but very expensive.

Yahoo Site Explorer – This is a good tool which lets you take a look at Yahoo search criterion and SERPs. This is a manual portal and pretty time consuming. It lets you view details of pages topped on Yahoo search and also go through its site maps and the links that are thrown from it and to it. This lets you build your strategy in a similar fashion.

WebComp Analyst – This product is a click bank product and you know how much you need to trust click bank links. Although it claims to be one of the best and all that, you must decide for your own self by looking at the kind of offers it presents. Also it is pretty difficult to trust click bank money back guarantees.

Backlink Generator – This is one of the best and most widely used backlink tools. The best part about it is that it is free and an online portal which you need not download. Backlink Generator offers 325 permanent backlinks for free at the click of a mouse. This is a better bet than any others in the market.

Backlinks – Explained


Some people call is Google backlinks and some just backlinks. The fact is that Backlinks are always Google and they can be referred to as only backlinks. Backlinks are the ultimate formula for Google ranking. Let’s take a look at some details.

Backlinks are links which are pointing to your landing page. These Backlinks have major weight where Google ranking is considered. The higher the quality or PR of the backlink, the better is the result. But only random linking does not work. Backlinks have to be linked through keywords which you want to top in. For example if you want to rank higher in the keyword Band Merchandise, you will need to build great quality backlinks by linking through the phrase or keyword Band Merchandise.

The process to Get Backlinks is not a tedious one but needs to be done smartly. There are programs which offer you Free Backlinks and are highly used by people to get quality backlinks for their site. Remember that keywords targeting is an important part of backlinks as it defines the niche which you are trying to master. Now you don’t need to do manual work. As I said before there are several automated program which will get you paid backlinks and there are also programs and online portals which will help you get backlinks for free and too hundreds of them. Look out for such programs and make sure you prioritize your backlinks activities.

Google Panda 2.5 – Hits Again, This Time Even Harder


Google Panda has hit us for the 7th time and every time it hits, it hits harder than before. This has been confirmed by Daniweb which has been hit the worse and has lost over half of its traffic since the update on 28th September 2011.

Apart from all the cleaning up done by Google Panda it affects a lot of websites which needs to take drastic steps to clean up the mess caused. A lot of companies are dependent on organic traffic produced through Google and when half the traffic goes, half the business goes. As you know 50% is a huge stake. There are companies which have laid off a lot of administrators as well as writers, editors, programmers to cope up with this loss. Some who have got a big hit have even closed down their businesses to start something afresh.

Lets take a look at when all the damage has happened in the past.

  • Google Panda 1.0 – Hit on 24th Feb 2011
  • Google Panda 2.0 – Hit on 11th April 2011
  • Google Panda 2.1 – Hit on 9th May 2011
  • Google Panda 2.2 – Hit on 18th June 2011
  • Google Panda 2.3 – Hit on 22nd July 2011
  • Google Panda 2.4 – Hit on August 2011
  • Google Panda 2.5 – Hit on 28th September 2011

Where recovery is the only option for most, some smart players have managed to keep their eggs in separate baskets; this has helped them retain their major chunk of traffic even after the update.

The Secret Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Business Owners

There is a difference between search engine activity as opposed to actual search engine optimization strategy. A good strategy will involve systematic and quality link building from a variety of credible and relevant sources. These sources of links could come from traditional link building sites, or from more recent mediums as provided by the progression of web 2.0. This article will discuss the rudiments of such an undertaking.

So what is the secret in order to have an SEO strategy that will actually work? The answer to this is to have a natural linking method, or at least to appear “natural” when doing so. Ideally, you get these links from sites who naturally want to reference you because of your great content. Search engines absolutely love content based sites which attract a lot of their peers to link back to them.

Linking activity has two varieties. One can either engage in it actively or passively. Active link building involves actively mining for sites and making the links yourself. Passive link building or “link baiting” on the other hand, involves creating great content which will make visitors tag your site. In any case, it is important that you never cease acquiring links from either of these methods – otherwise search engines will penalize you.

There are many types of link building sites. The best and cheapest among these are article directories where you can submit articles and have the “compensation” of 2 to 3 backlinks for your site. Blog commenting is also another for of link building since it would allow you to engage in the discussion and show everyone involved the address of your own site. More recently, social media takes a great weight in the factors considered by the algorithms of search engines.

In summary, we cannot really expect a fruitful campaign with our search engine rankings if we forgo the creation of our action plans for our website. This is why we need to implement a strategy that would work. Our link building must appear natural and the most effective way to do this is to naturally attract people by providing quality content. Search engines are getting smarter by the day and we must keep in mind that its primary goal is to disseminate the most relevant information for its searchers.

Googles Panda Update Tips – Get Your Traffic Back

Googles Panda Update Tips

The process of differentiating between the good guys and the bad guys is the job of Google Panda Update. A few days back a lot of people were heart broken when Google launched it’s Panda Update which happened to remove all the junk producing high ranked sites and got them down to nothing. This was done to increase relevance and filter out junk. Although a lot of benefits are being discussed about this update but a lot of hard work of people went into vain also. Now if you are a victim of Google Panda update read below to know how to get your traffic back.

The changed and updated SERPs have been a cause of worry for people who have spent months developing their site. But there is always a turn around and this can only be a reason for your efforts to become white hat. Here are a few Google Panda Update tips and how exactly you can get your traffic back by carrying out some minimal tips.

Content – Revamp your content. This is a great time to write fresh manual human written content so as to add value to your site. This will work as a plus point for your site and also for Google’s relevance.

Ads – You need to see to it that you remove all low quality ads which are placed on your site. Too many ads will also lower your ranking. Space the ads properly on each page and use relevance and strategies to omit the unwanted ones.

Linking – Start working afresh on building new links. Keep the existing quality links as they are a plus point for you. Secondly get fresh quality backlinks with updated content on your site. This will work like magic and you will see the results of this activity in no time. Use a good backlink generator tool to get this task done.

Keywords – Stop overstuffing keywords. Google has taken a manual approach in filtering bad quality sites. So let the keywords appear naturally.

Other – Increase your presence on Google+. Get rid of bad quality links from your site, blog or any other portal connected to your site. Use rich media links.

Following these simple tips about Google Panda Update can help you get your lost traffic back and get your site ranking just like it was before.


Advance Link Wheel Strategies – Simple And Precise

What is a Link Wheel?

Link Building is an important aspect to any SEO campaign. Within that Link Wheel is another vital activity. A link wheel is a process in which you submit links to your site from top 5 ranking websites, generally bookmarking or content sharing or content submission sites. These links are generally submitted through a post which point to your site. The better ranking the host sites have the more it is possible for you to increase your site ranking. But the wheel doesn’t end there. All web 2.0 sites have to or are generally linked you your site in the middle and eventually linked back to some other high ranking 2.0 site. This is how the wheel is complete.


Why is the called so?

Link Wheel is called a Link Wheel because when this activity is drawn on paper it looks like a bicycle wheel. It starts as a circle which gives you 5 web 2.0 sites and then they point to your central page.


Advanced Link Wheel Strategy

We all know how backlinks work. They are simply links pointing to our site and the better the host site ranking, the more success we can expect. But since the launch of web 2.0 sites like hubpages, squidoo etc have been the main hosts for Link Wheel Strategies, especially Advanced Link Wheel Strategies. Advanced Link Wheel Strategies include linking to your site through these web 2.0 websites and possible linking back to them. Sometimes you will see a significant rise in the ranking without much efforts.

Advanced Link Building – 3 Advanced Link Building Tips

Advanced Link Building

Link Building is an easy exercise and can be done by even beginner level SEO professionals. It is mainly mechanical and manual work to focus on covering as many reputed spaces as possible to get your target page ranking higher. Most of the times a great link building effort includes submission on directories, pasting links in forums and signatures while you have online discussions, link baiting, bookmarking, social media and so on. But there are some other white hat techniques which a lot of people don’t know about. These techniques are pretty simple but are always sidelined for not being effective. In the below excerpt I will introduce you to 3 Advanced Link Building tips which will boost your link building efforts.

301 Redirecting – There are two ways of doing this. Firstly you can buy out your less expensive competitors and get their websites redirected to yours. This will not only get you to win over your competitors business but also drive traffic to your landing page which was supposed to go into your competitor’s kitty. By this you can concentrate all your industry traffic to your site and multiply within no time. The second method is to register domains for all individual pages and make sure that you do a thorough SEO for all internal pages, just like you would for a primary landing page. This will make your site ranking high as all internal pages will be optimized to the core. You can then concentrate that traffic to your primary landing page if you like.

Creating Themes – Creating themes for WordPress, blogger, Facebook pages, Twitter account, etc can work wonders in getting a nice audience to engage in linking to your primary landing page. Especially if it is a specialized theme like SEO, SEM, etc. Once people like your created theme, it will mean linking to your page by means of word of mouth. This idea may not be just confined to themes; you can use your own imagination.

Automatic Backlink Creator – Installing an Automatic Backlink Creator can work wonders as people will visit your site to use that certain tool time and again. You can also offer to place a widget on other people’s site so as to make your presence concrete on all those sites. What you can do is give out a code for free to all high traffic sites and ask them to embed it on their main page like a widget. This will be useful to them, their audience as well as you for the simple reason that your code will be active and used on all these sites creating traffic without even people landing on your page. You can read more about this fantastic tool here.

Although these methods might not sound practical to some, these are still very effective. You can definitely improvise on them as per the nature of your business and your level of expertise. But remember, there should be always more to your activities than regular link building.

Link Velocity – A Dominant SEO Factor

Link VelocityLink Velocity; what does this term mean? Most people think that it is the speed of links or the volume coming to a certain targeted page. It is not that simple. Link Velocity is a dominant SEO factor and in more than just linking from other pages.

If you are an SEO professional and have been servicing clients of all size you definitely must have gotten a lot of ignorant questions thrown at you. Questions like “Can you get me 50,000 backlinks from a particular forum?” On the other hand, if you are a person who doesn’t understand details and intricacies of SEO or for that matter backlinks in specific, you might have gotten a bad look from the professional if you asked a similar question like the one above. The reason is; if you think you can get good Google ranking just by a volume or speed of links thrown at your site, you are absolutely wrong. This is by far the most thought of misconception and a big mistake most SEO professionals do. It is more about the quality of source than the speed of linking. Here’s how it works.

Source – Depending on the popularity, ranking and updating trend of the web page from which your backlink is coming from your sites backlink will be marked. It is more or less the intention of pasting your target link on some website which is marked and measured by Google. Google has its way of measuring the content of your source and target and mapping the relevance. This relevance is the basis of your ranking going up or down by creating that particular back link.

Velocity – There are two approaches to Link Velocity. As velocity means speed it is often thought that the more vigorous your linking is, the better it is. This is not correct. A bout of relentless backlinking is a weaker option in comparison to a steady and long term growth of backlinks. Remember, consistency is the key to right Link Velocity.

Analytics – Now that you know the two main factors which make up a good Link Velocity plan you need to make sure you measure your success regularly. Making variation and changes in your sources is a wise thing to do. An ardent effort of keeping a watch on the quality of links, relevance and keyword weight can keep you link building effort going in a proper direction.

Link Velocity technique is an organic link building technique which has a history of success. It is definitely time consuming but it promises accuracy and definitely long term ranking position. Remember these three factors, source, velocity and analytics. Keeping just these three points in mind will help you succeed in Link Velocity Management and successful link building.

Backlink Indexing – How To Do IT The Right Way?

Backlink indexingBacklink Indexing is not rocket science, but at the same time is not easy either. It is not about what you do to get your backlinks indexed, but how you do it is important! We have heard this and even seen this a hundred times where someone spends lengthy hours or even days to collate back link but they never get indexed or very few get indexed. This can be frustrating as your time and efforts will be wasted for nothing. In order to stay away from ending up like this you must draw a good plan to execute and succeed in indexing maximum backlinks and getting your ranking higher. Before we take a look at any of the backlink indexing tips we must look at some facts about backlinking and backlink indexing. Take a look.

Some Fact –

1.       Most beginners succeed only 20%-30% of their times in indexing backlinks. That means only 2-3 links get indexed out of 10. This is when it is done without any expert tools.

2.       The higher the rank of the webpage on which you have placed your link, the higher are the chances of your link getting indexed.

3.       Profuse generation of backlinks is not the answer to get higher indexing. It is about being in the right spots.

Now that you know the misconceptions about backlinks and indexing you must be sure to draw out a good strategy to list your page up in ranking. Below we have made note of some great working tips and tactics for backlink indexing.  The best thing to do is follow these fool proof steps and get success for less efforts and in little time.

  • Place links on sites which already have good ranking. The better the ranking of these sites, the better are your chances of getting a properly indexed backlink.
  • Engage in sites like top social bookmarking sites and top article and post sharing sites, for example – Digg, Mashable, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • Create and publish numerous articles
  • Create and maintain your blog on WordPress. This is best and the most search compatible platform on the Internet.
  • Ping your site.
  • Create RSS feeds on your blog or webpage and send out the feeds to RSS directories. Remember, RSS directories and aggregators get a lot of attention from search engines, especially Google.
  • Increase backlinks gradually and not at one go. This is the way Google likes it.
  • There is one tried and tested tip which has worked for a lot of smart SEO professionals, the tip is something like this. Find out your closest competitors who have successfully created huge no. Backlinks. Follow the same case study and fill up the gaps once you discover them as you go.
  • One more way to go is engaging a backlink indexing service or backlink builders like Backlink Generator.

If you follow the above steps and make sure you run these activities in regular intervals, you will definitely increase your backlinks by at least 100-200%. Although these are not the only steps to getting backlinks indexed, it is best to follow this manual approach, so as to keep a vigilant watch on your Backlinks Strategy.