Link Velocity – A Dominant SEO Factor

Link VelocityLink Velocity; what does this term mean? Most people think that it is the speed of links or the volume coming to a certain targeted page. It is not that simple. Link Velocity is a dominant SEO factor and in more than just linking from other pages.

If you are an SEO professional and have been servicing clients of all size you definitely must have gotten a lot of ignorant questions thrown at you. Questions like “Can you get me 50,000 backlinks from a particular forum?” On the other hand, if you are a person who doesn’t understand details and intricacies of SEO or for that matter backlinks in specific, you might have gotten a bad look from the professional if you asked a similar question like the one above. The reason is; if you think you can get good Google ranking just by a volume or speed of links thrown at your site, you are absolutely wrong. This is by far the most thought of misconception and a big mistake most SEO professionals do. It is more about the quality of source than the speed of linking. Here’s how it works.

Source – Depending on the popularity, ranking and updating trend of the web page from which your backlink is coming from your sites backlink will be marked. It is more or less the intention of pasting your target link on some website which is marked and measured by Google. Google has its way of measuring the content of your source and target and mapping the relevance. This relevance is the basis of your ranking going up or down by creating that particular back link.

Velocity – There are two approaches to Link Velocity. As velocity means speed it is often thought that the more vigorous your linking is, the better it is. This is not correct. A bout of relentless backlinking is a weaker option in comparison to a steady and long term growth of backlinks. Remember, consistency is the key to right Link Velocity.

Analytics – Now that you know the two main factors which make up a good Link Velocity plan you need to make sure you measure your success regularly. Making variation and changes in your sources is a wise thing to do. An ardent effort of keeping a watch on the quality of links, relevance and keyword weight can keep you link building effort going in a proper direction.

Link Velocity technique is an organic link building technique which has a history of success. It is definitely time consuming but it promises accuracy and definitely long term ranking position. Remember these three factors, source, velocity and analytics. Keeping just these three points in mind will help you succeed in Link Velocity Management and successful link building.

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