Backlinks And Link Building – Top 10 Places To Get Backlinks From


Most people have the impression that more the backlinks the better it is. It is to a certain extent. But you must know that quality is better than quantity. Having a few hundred top ranking backlinks is much better than having thousands of backlinks with poor raking or PR. To ease the pain in finding out which channels and sites to follow in order to bring backlinks, it is important that you categorize them in various sections. Here are the types of websites you should target.

Directories – These could be business directories, article directories or any directory which is in line or caters to your industry.

Forums, Blog Comments – This space is highly favoured by Google.

Articles – Writing and submitting articles which have links directed to your site is a must. You must publish these articles at as many places as possible in a unique content way.

Social Media – Social networks, bookmarking sites or any regular sharing site works best for backlinks.

RSS Feeds – RSS feeds is a hidden tool which a lot of people ignore. It is one of the best backlinking tools you will find.

Just making sure that you consistently participate in all of these categories and choose the highest ranking sites of this category you will definitely have success not just in your backlink process but general success in your overall web presence and traffic.

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