Backlinks – Backlink Strategies For idiots

backlinksIf you are a newbie at SEO or online activities, or you own an online store and you wish to market it yourself you must have researched a lot. And most of the time you must definitely have come across the term backlinks. The reason behind you coming across this term so many times is because of the significance it holds. This article is a beginners guide to backlinks and will give you an insight of what linking is about and what you need to do it to do it right.

There are 3 steps to getting successful in link building and getting higher quality and more backlinks for your landing page which eventually helps you in rising in searches and Google ranking. But it is very important that you do these manually and not employ software programs.

  1. Find out which keyword you want to target and place links in your content and blog accordingly using that keyword. Remember to place the link associated with those set of keywords which you have chosen to target.
  2. Make a list of sites which are high in PR and traffic. Find relevant ways to post your links on those sites and direct them to your sites. Directs from high ranking sites is good for your site too.
  3. Participate in social media, forums and blog comments which are relevant to your site content and try to drive links from these places in a quality manner. This helps a lot in getting better Google ranks.

Just following these 3 simple ways in good volume can get you succeeded in your link building efforts. Once you are seasoned in these techniques you can go for more advanced options.

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