Backlinks – How To Make The Most Of Your Backlinks Efforts

BacklinksWe all spend hours and days in generating quality backlinks. Most of the times we focus too much on quantity of links and miss out on the real crux of the activity1 It is important that you get a huge number of backlinks as volume is a major factor, but you must also not forget the kind of backlinks you are generating. Below I have mentioned a few tips which will get your objective resolved with minimal quantity of backlinks. Take a look.

  • Links that you target and go for must be permanent backlinks. Temporary backlinks will only waste your time and will lead to no fruits.
  • Make sure the links are DO Follow. No Follow links are of no use and do nothing to make your linking efforts strong. In fact they hamper your landing page reputation. Always go for Do Follow links and avoid No Follow links at all cost.
  • Make sure the links that you go for have a page rank. Depending on the rank of that page you must decide if linking from that page is beneficial for you. In fact all pages with ranking should be targeted no matter what the rank.
  • Go for sites which have a good reputation. Linking from Facebook, Yahoo answers, Wikipedia etc give great weightage to your links.
  • Get backlinks from actual PR pages. This will shoot your ranking up also significantly.
  • Also, another great thing to do is look for linking from high authority sites like Wikipedia, any govt. sites, news or PR sites which have heavy traffic. Linking from .org and .gov also help to a great extent.

Keeping in mind all the above simple points while building your backlinks will help you lot i channelizing and making the most of your efforts. Remember quality is more important than quantity where Backlinks are concerned.

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