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Backlinks And Link Building – Top 10 Places To Get Backlinks From


Most people have the impression that more the backlinks the better it is. It is to a certain extent. But you must know that quality is better than quantity. Having a few hundred top ranking backlinks is much better than having thousands of backlinks with poor raking or PR. To ease the pain in finding out which channels and sites to follow in order to bring backlinks, it is important that you categorize them in various sections. Here are the types of websites you should target.

Directories – These could be business directories, article directories or any directory which is in line or caters to your industry.

Forums, Blog Comments – This space is highly favoured by Google.

Articles – Writing and submitting articles which have links directed to your site is a must. You must publish these articles at as many places as possible in a unique content way.

Social Media – Social networks, bookmarking sites or any regular sharing site works best for backlinks.

RSS Feeds – RSS feeds is a hidden tool which a lot of people ignore. It is one of the best backlinking tools you will find.

Just making sure that you consistently participate in all of these categories and choose the highest ranking sites of this category you will definitely have success not just in your backlink process but general success in your overall web presence and traffic.

Backlinks – Backlink Strategies For idiots

backlinksIf you are a newbie at SEO or online activities, or you own an online store and you wish to market it yourself you must have researched a lot. And most of the time you must definitely have come across the term backlinks. The reason behind you coming across this term so many times is because of the significance it holds. This article is a beginners guide to backlinks and will give you an insight of what linking is about and what you need to do it to do it right.

There are 3 steps to getting successful in link building and getting higher quality and more backlinks for your landing page which eventually helps you in rising in searches and Google ranking. But it is very important that you do these manually and not employ software programs.

  1. Find out which keyword you want to target and place links in your content and blog accordingly using that keyword. Remember to place the link associated with those set of keywords which you have chosen to target.
  2. Make a list of sites which are high in PR and traffic. Find relevant ways to post your links on those sites and direct them to your sites. Directs from high ranking sites is good for your site too.
  3. Participate in social media, forums and blog comments which are relevant to your site content and try to drive links from these places in a quality manner. This helps a lot in getting better Google ranks.

Just following these 3 simple ways in good volume can get you succeeded in your link building efforts. Once you are seasoned in these techniques you can go for more advanced options.

Get Free BackLinks – Top Sites To Draw Top Backlinks

Free Backlinks

If you are looking for a list where you can go ahead and post your links to get free backlinks and eventually higher Google ranking, you are on the right page. Below is a small list of sites which will help you in suceed in your Backlinking efforts.


Top 35 Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites

Top 20 Web directories

Top 100 Blogs

Just following a regular and consistent effort in diverting links from these sites will make you successful in term of Google Ranking and higher traffic.


Advanced Link Building – 3 Advanced Link Building Tips

BacklinksLink Building is an easy exercise and can be done by even beginner level SEO professionals. It is mainly mechanical and manual work to focus on covering as many reputed spaces as possible to get your target page ranking higher. Most of the times a great link building effort includes submission on directories, pasting links in forums and signatures while you have online discussions, link baiting, bookmarking, social media and so on. But there are some other white hat techniques which a lot of people don’t know about. These techniques are pretty simple but are always sidelined for not being effective. In the below excerpt I will introduce you to 3 Advanced Link Building tips which will boost your link building efforts.

301 Redirecting – There are two ways of doing this. Firstly you can buy out your less expensive competitors and get their websites redirected to yours. This will not only get you to win over your competitors business but also drive traffic to your landing page which was supposed to go into your competitor’s kitty. By this you can concentrate all your industry traffic to your site and multiply within no time. The second method is to register domains for all individual pages and make sure that you do a thorough SEO for all internal pages, just like you would for a primary landing page. This will make your site ranking high as all internal pages will be optimized to the core. You can then concentrate that traffic to your primary landing page if you like.

Creating Themes – Creating themes for WordPress, blogger, Facebook pages, Twitter account, etc can work wonders in getting a nice audience to engage in linking to your primary landing page. Especially if it is a specialized theme like SEO, SEM, etc. Once people like your created theme, it will mean linking to your page by means of word of mouth. This idea may not be just confined to themes; you can use your own imagination.

Automatic Backlink Creator – Installing an Automatic Backlink Creator can work wonders as people will visit your site to use that certain tool time and again. You can also offer to place a widget on other people’s site so as to make your presence concrete on all those sites. What you can do is give out a code for free to all high traffic sites and ask them to embed it on their main page like a widget. This will be useful to them, their audience as well as you for the simple reason that your code will be active and used on all these sites creating traffic without even people landing on your page. You can read more about this fantastic tool here.

Although these methods might not sound practical to some, these are still very effective. You can definitely improvise on them as per the nature of your business and your level of expertise. But remember, there should be always more to your activities than regular link building.

The Secret Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Business Owners

There is a difference between search engine activity as opposed to actual search engine optimization strategy. A good strategy will involve systematic and quality link building from a variety of credible and relevant sources. These sources of links could come from traditional link building sites, or from more recent mediums as provided by the progression of web 2.0. This article will discuss the rudiments of such an undertaking.

So what is the secret in order to have an SEO strategy that will actually work? The answer to this is to have a natural linking method, or at least to appear “natural” when doing so. Ideally, you get these links from sites who naturally want to reference you because of your great content. Search engines absolutely love content based sites which attract a lot of their peers to link back to them.

Linking activity has two varieties. One can either engage in it actively or passively. Active link building involves actively mining for sites and making the links yourself. Passive link building or “link baiting” on the other hand, involves creating great content which will make visitors tag your site. In any case, it is important that you never cease acquiring links from either of these methods – otherwise search engines will penalize you.

There are many types of link building sites. The best and cheapest among these are article directories where you can submit articles and have the “compensation” of 2 to 3 backlinks for your site. Blog commenting is also another for of link building since it would allow you to engage in the discussion and show everyone involved the address of your own site. More recently, social media takes a great weight in the factors considered by the algorithms of search engines.

In summary, we cannot really expect a fruitful campaign with our search engine rankings if we forgo the creation of our action plans for our website. This is why we need to implement a strategy that would work. Our link building must appear natural and the most effective way to do this is to naturally attract people by providing quality content. Search engines are getting smarter by the day and we must keep in mind that its primary goal is to disseminate the most relevant information for its searchers.

Backlinks And Keywords – Importance of Keywords in Backlinks

backlinksWe all know that we need to put in links in order to get a better search results and ranking. Linking is one of the most important aspect of any online money making scheme to run. This is why we must understand the deep relation between links and keywords.

When we create a backlink on any site or forum or blog comment, we must use a keyword or keyword phrase to link. This helps in highlighting the keyword through a link, increase the weight of that keyword and also link it to your site using a keyword that is primary in its role. This is the reason a good keyword research is very important in case you are planning to built a link building strategy. This is the most basic plan that you need to map out before anything.

Remember, make a clear and precise keyword research plan and run it get the top targeted keywords and phrases for your business and use these keywords to build links. This is the best way and the only way to get faster and more accurate results.

Backlinks – Parameters To Look Out For

BacklinksGoogle always looks through a few parameters to get the exact credibility and the noteworthiness of your website. This is done by them by checking a lot of parameters. Take a look at the list below and strategize your Google optimization efforts accordingly. Below is a list of things that you should consider before you draw out a link building exercise.

  1. The site that links to your site
  2. The page Rank of the site that links to your site
  3. The SERP ranking of the site that links to your site
  4. The number of sites which link to your site
  5. Number of links to your site from individual domain and sub domains
  6. Total number of domains and sub domains which link to your site
  7. Keyword relevance in sites linking to your site
  8. Content relevance in sites linking to your site
  9. Ranking and PR of the source sites

Taking into account the above points will help you in designing a successful linking plan without being dependent on external elements like agencies or consultants. Below are a few dos and don’ts about this linking process.

  1. Linking from Forums, Blogs, Relevant Industry leaders helps a lot.
  2. Keyword linking helps in case of relevant keywords
  3. Always go for a Do follow link, No Follow links are of no use
  4. Do not do link exchange as it looks like it is deliberate. Google will get you out of the race.
  5. List your site on top directories and social media pages

Backlink Generator Tools – How Do They Work?

backlinksBacklink tools work like an army of linking employees who continuously work on building your backlinks and getting your Google and PR rank higher. Here are a few things which any backlink generator tool engages in order to get fast and accurate results.

  • Generating links from the top sites on the Internet
  • Submitting your URL to the top directories on the Internet
  • Making full use of Forums to get links redirected to your site by posting or signatures
  • Commenting on Top blogs and creating links in the comments
  • Article writing and using links within it
  • Submitting these articles to the top article submission sites.
  • Social Media Sharing, like Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Social Bookmarking

Any tool which uses these activities in an automated format is a goof Backlink Generator. Make sure you choose the right thing and the right tool.

Backlink Generators – Do They Really Work?

BacklinksBacklinks as we all know are simple links which direct to your website. These links are crucial as the only way for Google to know that your site is a site to take note of is by creating more and more quality backlinks.

Everyone knows that this is a tedious job and a lot of companies or businesses actually hire people only for the sake of link building. Therefore it is important that every company who wants to rise in search and ranking should take backlink generator software programs seriously. But the question is, do these backlink generators genuinely work?

Backlink Generators could be online or a program which can be downloaded and installed. Most of the online tools are good enough to give you a gist of how they work before you employ them completely. Backlink Generators are mainly software programs which help you create multiple backlinks for your site in an automated form.

Now how good the backlink generator service is depends on the quality of links that it generates and the quality of sites it uses from its database. Employing a Backlink Generator is like employing a huge team of people who are continually dedicated to creating backlinks all the time. Backlinks are a crucial element of marketing your product, therefore to stay at par with any other online business, employing a good backlink generator program is a must.

Backlinks – How To Make The Most Of Your Backlinks Efforts

BacklinksWe all spend hours and days in generating quality backlinks. Most of the times we focus too much on quantity of links and miss out on the real crux of the activity1 It is important that you get a huge number of backlinks as volume is a major factor, but you must also not forget the kind of backlinks you are generating. Below I have mentioned a few tips which will get your objective resolved with minimal quantity of backlinks. Take a look.

  • Links that you target and go for must be permanent backlinks. Temporary backlinks will only waste your time and will lead to no fruits.
  • Make sure the links are DO Follow. No Follow links are of no use and do nothing to make your linking efforts strong. In fact they hamper your landing page reputation. Always go for Do Follow links and avoid No Follow links at all cost.
  • Make sure the links that you go for have a page rank. Depending on the rank of that page you must decide if linking from that page is beneficial for you. In fact all pages with ranking should be targeted no matter what the rank.
  • Go for sites which have a good reputation. Linking from Facebook, Yahoo answers, Wikipedia etc give great weightage to your links.
  • Get backlinks from actual PR pages. This will shoot your ranking up also significantly.
  • Also, another great thing to do is look for linking from high authority sites like Wikipedia, any govt. sites, news or PR sites which have heavy traffic. Linking from .org and .gov also help to a great extent.

Keeping in mind all the above simple points while building your backlinks will help you lot i channelizing and making the most of your efforts. Remember quality is more important than quantity where Backlinks are concerned.