Advanced Link Building – 3 Advanced Link Building Tips

BacklinksLink Building is an easy exercise and can be done by even beginner level SEO professionals. It is mainly mechanical and manual work to focus on covering as many reputed spaces as possible to get your target page ranking higher. Most of the times a great link building effort includes submission on directories, pasting links in forums and signatures while you have online discussions, link baiting, bookmarking, social media and so on. But there are some other white hat techniques which a lot of people don’t know about. These techniques are pretty simple but are always sidelined for not being effective. In the below excerpt I will introduce you to 3 Advanced Link Building tips which will boost your link building efforts.

301 Redirecting – There are two ways of doing this. Firstly you can buy out your less expensive competitors and get their websites redirected to yours. This will not only get you to win over your competitors business but also drive traffic to your landing page which was supposed to go into your competitor’s kitty. By this you can concentrate all your industry traffic to your site and multiply within no time. The second method is to register domains for all individual pages and make sure that you do a thorough SEO for all internal pages, just like you would for a primary landing page. This will make your site ranking high as all internal pages will be optimized to the core. You can then concentrate that traffic to your primary landing page if you like.

Creating Themes – Creating themes for WordPress, blogger, Facebook pages, Twitter account, etc can work wonders in getting a nice audience to engage in linking to your primary landing page. Especially if it is a specialized theme like SEO, SEM, etc. Once people like your created theme, it will mean linking to your page by means of word of mouth. This idea may not be just confined to themes; you can use your own imagination.

Automatic Backlink Creator – Installing an Automatic Backlink Creator can work wonders as people will visit your site to use that certain tool time and again. You can also offer to place a widget on other people’s site so as to make your presence concrete on all those sites. What you can do is give out a code for free to all high traffic sites and ask them to embed it on their main page like a widget. This will be useful to them, their audience as well as you for the simple reason that your code will be active and used on all these sites creating traffic without even people landing on your page. You can read more about this fantastic tool here.

Although these methods might not sound practical to some, these are still very effective. You can definitely improvise on them as per the nature of your business and your level of expertise. But remember, there should be always more to your activities than regular link building.

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