Advance Link Wheel Strategies – Simple And Precise

What is a Link Wheel?

Link Building is an important aspect to any SEO campaign. Within that Link Wheel is another vital activity. A link wheel is a process in which you submit links to your site from top 5 ranking websites, generally bookmarking or content sharing or content submission sites. These links are generally submitted through a post which point to your site. The better ranking the host sites have the more it is possible for you to increase your site ranking. But the wheel doesn’t end there. All web 2.0 sites have to or are generally linked you your site in the middle and eventually linked back to some other high ranking 2.0 site. This is how the wheel is complete.


Why is the called so?

Link Wheel is called a Link Wheel because when this activity is drawn on paper it looks like a bicycle wheel. It starts as a circle which gives you 5 web 2.0 sites and then they point to your central page.


Advanced Link Wheel Strategy

We all know how backlinks work. They are simply links pointing to our site and the better the host site ranking, the more success we can expect. But since the launch of web 2.0 sites like hubpages, squidoo etc have been the main hosts for Link Wheel Strategies, especially Advanced Link Wheel Strategies. Advanced Link Wheel Strategies include linking to your site through these web 2.0 websites and possible linking back to them. Sometimes you will see a significant rise in the ranking without much efforts.

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