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The Secret Search Engine Optimization Strategy for Business Owners

There is a difference between search engine activity as opposed to actual search engine optimization strategy. A good strategy will involve systematic and quality link building from a variety of credible and relevant sources. These sources of links could come from traditional link building sites, or from more recent mediums as provided by the progression of web 2.0. This article will discuss the rudiments of such an undertaking.

So what is the secret in order to have an SEO strategy that will actually work? The answer to this is to have a natural linking method, or at least to appear “natural” when doing so. Ideally, you get these links from sites who naturally want to reference you because of your great content. Search engines absolutely love content based sites which attract a lot of their peers to link back to them.

Linking activity has two varieties. One can either engage in it actively or passively. Active link building involves actively mining for sites and making the links yourself. Passive link building or “link baiting” on the other hand, involves creating great content which will make visitors tag your site. In any case, it is important that you never cease acquiring links from either of these methods – otherwise search engines will penalize you.

There are many types of link building sites. The best and cheapest among these are article directories where you can submit articles and have the “compensation” of 2 to 3 backlinks for your site. Blog commenting is also another for of link building since it would allow you to engage in the discussion and show everyone involved the address of your own site. More recently, social media takes a great weight in the factors considered by the algorithms of search engines.

In summary, we cannot really expect a fruitful campaign with our search engine rankings if we forgo the creation of our action plans for our website. This is why we need to implement a strategy that would work. Our link building must appear natural and the most effective way to do this is to naturally attract people by providing quality content. Search engines are getting smarter by the day and we must keep in mind that its primary goal is to disseminate the most relevant information for its searchers.